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Mortgage Free! - book cover.

Radical Strategies for Home Ownership
by Rob Roy
Reviewed by Thomas J. Elpel

      Most Americans spend most of their lives working at a job and making monthly payments to pay off a home mortgage. But you might be surprised at how many people have taken a different path, using innovative approaches to secure a comfortable home while making few, if any, mortgage payments.

      In Mortgage FREE! author Rob Roy outlines some "radical" strategies you can use to bypass the banking system to pay for your own home. Roy's approach is oriented towards individuals who may not have regular jobs, and definitely favors those who want to build their own home, which isn't for everybody. But, as Roy points out, there are three types of people who live without mortgages: the rich, the poor, and the smart. This book can help you to become one of the latter--a person who owns their home without their home owning them! We used similar ideas when building our house on limited means, and as in the case of Rob Roy and countless others, being free from a home mortgage allowed us to truly live our Dreams. 353 pages. 1998. Chelsea Green Publishing. ISBN: 0-930031-98-9.

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